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Control the PC remotely with a smartphone
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Use your mobile device to remotely control your computer and Windows applications. The two devices need to be connected via WiFi or Bluetooth.

PC Remote Receiver can help you control your computer directly from your mobile phone. Actually, it is the server-side program and you should also install the corresponding PC Remote software on your portable device. Luckily, the portable application runs on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. This product is very likely to be appreciated by gamers as it has an excellent game interface and supports smooth control. For example, it allows using your phone as a steering wheel when you are running a virtual race.

The program has an easy-to-use interface from which you should do most of the initial settings. However, some users may still have difficulty and require someone else’s help at this step. It is great that it can generate QR code to facilitate the connection with your phone. Likewise, it provides you with basic data about the connected device, including name, the operating system as well as Bluetooth and IP addresses.

Fortunately, you do not need to worry about intruders’ using the tool to access your computer. In this regard, it is possible to establish various conditions. For example, you can receive an alert when anyone tries to connect or protect the connection with a password. It is also allowed to create a whitelist of all the authorized devices. Finally, the program lets you hide the connection to all devices or only to those that are not included in the whitelist.

The use of these two programs (PC Remote Receiver and PC Remote) permits simulating various I/0 hardware pieces, like keyboards, touchpads, and gamepads. Moreover, you can use virtual panels for specific games. Not only that, it is allowed to control media playback, for instance, by adjusting sound volume as well as playing and pausing a video. What is more, the tool may be welcomed by presenters as it allows browsing through presentations and even taking notes on them.

In general, I recommend this product to anyone; however, I insist, gamers should definitely make a try. Unfortunately, it worked well most of the time, except when I tried to use the virtual keyboard. The product is free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Excellent game interface
  • Protects your connection in various ways
  • Facilitates connecting via QR code
  • Simulates various IO devices


  • The virtual keyboard did not work as expected at times
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